Christmas Crafts …

Christmas is a time to get creative, and crafts are a great way to make special homemade gifts and ornaments that you can treasure or keep the children entertained. Here are some of my favourite ideas, I have a Pintrest board here with lots more ideas.

1. Personalised Christmas Mugs (X)

These are an excellent present idea, all you need is a mug, some oil based sharpies and an oven. I really want to try these out I probably will and let you know how it goes.


2. Handmade Clay Gift Tags (X)

These are one of those things that are a little present in themselves and can be kept by your loved ones and will look pretty hanging around next year.


3. Silhouette Tree Ornaments (X) 

I love these how pretty are they … that is all i need to know.



4. Cinnamon Decorations (X)

Crafts don’t have to be super difficult of fancy these cinnamon decorations are dead simple, look so cute and make the house smell yummy.


5. DIY Snow Globes (X)

These are cute and also a lot easier than they look to make and make cute gifts for children.




One thought on “Christmas Crafts …

  1. Tearsa says:

    I love all these crafts and I’m honored that you like my Christmas mugs!! I can’t wait to see how you decorate yours! Make sure to take a pic. They are the perfect last minute gift! Or you can just be greedy & keep them for yourself for Christmas or year-round!! Thank you for the feature. Also the website is (us Americans can’t spell correctly hehe)

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