Christmas Markets in London…

I love markets, all year round I love markets but at Christmas I feel they are so … I have no words. I love them and as I live in Southend we don’t really have a proper Christmas market like they do in big towns and cities, such as Edinburgh, Bath and Exeter. I however only live an hour out of London where many a market are dotted around and this is where I go to a good Christmas market.

1. Southbank Christmas Market,

I go to this market every year, it is so festive. It isn’t a huge market but it’s so nice and pretty, with little sheds and lots of cheer and festivity. I you are going to the centre of London this is a nice and easy market to get to.


2. Old Spitalfields Market

This is one of the markets I visited this year (I will do a feature post) on a thursday, the day of the vintage market. I LOVE IT here, its easy to get to, once you have been once. It isn’t the most Christmasy of markets but there is always a few stalls selling mulled wine and homemade cakes.


3. Camden Market

I visit Camden market maybe once a year at Christmas, this year it was because I went to see Black Veil Brides at the Roundhouse.  The Christmas market is always so pretty and packed, it is not one if you don’t like people, but it always buzzing and crammed with stalls of food, pretty jewellery and festive treats as well as the normal market stalls.


4. Portobello Market

This was my market of choice last year and it is a wonderful market, long very long. There are so many things, clothes, books, vintage, antiques. I got a one of a kind Polaroid camera there (so pretty). There are lots of different things as well as lots of shops as well and pretty easy to find.


5. Kingston Christmas Market,

I used to live up in the Twickenham/Kingston area while I was at University and for all three years I went to the Kingston Christmas market because it was quaint and made a change from the usual shops, there was a lot of food stalls in this market as well as a craft market as well, that I think was by the church. As it is in the high street it is a good market to look in while you are doing your shopping.





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