Etsy Wishlist …

Screen shot 2013-12-13 at 13.39.46

Screen shot 2013-12-13 at 13.38.44

1. Hand Painted Mason Jar Lantern …

These lanterns look so exotic and pretty, the colours are beautiful and they are handmade so will make a great gift for someone as well. I would use them in the garden for a party or in my bedroom  for decoration purposed most likely.

2. Jane Austen’s Emma Vanilla Pear Soy Candle … 

These candles are actually part of a collection of candles scents inspired by classic novels, so right up my street. The candles are made of soy and look very well made. I just love the fact that the creator had combined novels and candles two of my favourite things

3. Personalised Stocking …

As it is Christmas a stocking is a must have and I really should have replaced mine last year as it has gone missing, I like these ones as it has my name spelt right on the picture. I also like the simplicity of these stockings, they look handmade and are pretty and unique

4. Lace Knee High Boot Socks … 

I am in love with this style of socks, I wear them with my boots all the time and these ones are cute and I like the lace it can give an outfit a little bit more. I have a tendency to wear these with my knee-high riding boots and push them down a little and wear them with my boots that go to mid shin

5. Hello Love British Greeting Art Mug …

This mug is so cute and pretty and vintage. It is pretty and would look beautiful as a set for a present as you can get personalized ones as well. This is something that if I was given as a gift I would spaz over

6. Elizabeth Bennet Oil Fragrance …

Surprised … something else with a literature theme ? These are a beautiful fragrances and are made with natural, vegan friendly ingredients. These are completely different from everyday perfumes and make a difference and will I can imagine are well worth the money and I may use some of my Christmas money.

7. Wishbone Necklace …

Etsy have some truly beautiful jewellery and these are long chained necklaces that would look great with a plain v-neck and jeans. These come in all three coloured metals and are slightly more expensive than some of the other offerings but they are so beautiful I needed to put them on there.

8. Baby It’s Cold Outside Cushion … 

I am cushion fan, I have loads on my bed and this is one of the prettiest winter ones I have seen in ages. It’s so cute and its one of my favourite Christmas songs.

9. Custom Silhouette Wooden Ornament 

These are beautiful keepsakes and look so antique and are so beautiful I love the simplicity of a silhouette, I had one cut of me while I was on holiday but I did not buy it as they were so expensive. I love how cute they make you look and have a beautiful Victorian air about them



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