Inspirational Half Hour #10

Source: tumblr

This is a truly beautiful sentiment, that I sometimes wish was thought about more in society to day. People expose so much of their body and leave very little to the imagination. You need to respect yourself and belvieve that a person that is worth it will love you for your personality as well as your looks, hopefully more so. You don’t have to dress like a hooker to get a man, you just have to be yourself.


One thought on “Inspirational Half Hour #10

  1. Steph says:

    So true! An awesome body image is what we all have, and it just takes someone special to see it. But they will come, I know they will. And hey, I’ve been on my own for a very long time but I don’t feel sorry for myself because I know that someday those nights I cried myself to sleep will be worth it. Just keep the faith! xx

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