December Wrap Up …

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and is looking forward to a new year, I had a very busy December I had something on pretty much every weekend and was at work all week plus some more interviews as well, so busy month for me, that being said I did some very fun things and got to spend some time with my friends.
Screen shot 2013-12-28 at 12.58.34

Screen shot 2013-12-28 at 12.58.47

I am such a child when it comes to Christmas tree decorating, I love doing at the beginning of December and we did it on the 1st this year, and of course it wouldn’t be Christmas without a advent calendar I had Hello Kitty this year as they ran out of the one I was originally going to get.

Screen shot 2013-12-28 at 12.59.11

Screen shot 2013-12-28 at 12.59.01

As I have mentioned in previous posts this year is the first time I have watched elf, I was doing some blogging as well at the time, but I loved it and it was made complete with a lovely bag of Terry’s Chocolate Orange segments. I got really bored on the 7th and decided to take a walk around ASDA, after having going into town with my mum to finish some of her shopping and I found it for £3.

bvb tickets


Screen shot 2013-12-28 at 12.59.25

I went to see Black Veil Brides on the 14th (I have been very busy with work during the week so I went out a lot over the weekend). Me and Amy went to Camden market before hand as well which was fun, I went to Starbucks where the admittedly cute barista decided to throw my change at me and Amy had bubble tea (wasn’t actually that bad as compared to my last experience with the one down in Shoreditch). Black Veil Brides were amazing live and we had a really good view from our seats and I was pleasantly surprised. We also had some amazing mulled cider at a pop up pie shop in Chalk Farm (was delicious) definitely no my Christmas beverage of choice.

Screen shot 2013-12-28 at 13.00.39

Screen shot 2013-12-28 at 12.59.44

 My friends and I decided to go for a Christmas work meal, stipulating that tacky Christmas jumpers/T-shirts  must be worn or face the punishment (singing Santa Baby for the whole restaurant). It was a great meal and everyone dressed for the occasion even Mr Bah Humbug (Michael), and then when I got home I ended up having to make pancakes for my dad and brother.

Screen shot 2013-12-28 at 12.59.58


sons and lvoers

I had a day off work on the Thursday before Christmas so my friend and I went to Old Spitalfields market (post on the way), and I got a beautiful Hamsa bracelet and a copy of D.H Lawrence’s Sons and Lovers. It was a lovely market will definitely check it out again and once you know where you are going it’s actually really easy to find.

Snowflake Cupcake

My mum got these amazing cupcakes from a kid at work so on Christmas Eve we finally ate them, they were so yummy.

Me Christmas Morning

photo 2 (3)




I get excited about it, me and my brother got into the festiveness and I wore my jumper and he wore his santa hat while we opened our presents with our parents, and I had waffles for breakfast (unfortunately not made by donkey.)

Christmas Day

I wore my (fake) leather skirt, grey v-neck jumper and new heels, there was actually a surprising lot of room in the skirt left after my christmas dinner.

Screen shot 2013-12-28 at 13.00.07

We  were on desert duty for Boxing Day at my aunts and I made this Nigella cheesecake (X) and substituted the cherries for Chocolate I was quite proud of myself even if I should have made it the night before.

Boxing Day

I wore my velvet dress on Boxing day, was so comfy and looked amazing on (even if it needs to taken in a little) I wore it with ankle boots, a cream cardigan from Zara and a chunky spiked necklace from Primark.


No Christmas is complete without a little fizz and we had ours with Wild Hibiscus flowers in a syrup that tasked like raspberry and rhubarb and they bloom when you put them in, you can get them from Lakeland (X) makes it taste so good.


I didn’t actually do a lot on New Years Eve, me and Amy went on a trip to Lakeside (her first time driving), I have been insanely disappointed with the Boxing Day Sales, is that just me? Anyway I ended up being able to get a birthday present for a friend while I was there and then Amy came back to mine for Pizza and board/quiz games and to see in the new year.


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