Inspirational Half Hour #12


I am sorry this is a day late, I was a little busy yesterday morning and then just completely forgot (cause I am just a little forgetful). I am not all that sure about who Alex Tan is but from my 5 second google search I believe he is a political activist. I think this is a very powerful message. I know people who think crying is something only the weak do, I think that is poppycock. crying does not make you weak it is an expression of emotion. There is no shame in crying whether you do it in front of others or alone. I think it’s not about the act of crying but the emotional release that allows us to see with a different or clearer view. My point with this is not that you have to cry but if you are having an emotional moment whether is anger or sadness release those emotions whether you cry, go to the gym, take the dog for a walk  or call your best friend your perspective after may just change your outlook.


2 thoughts on “Inspirational Half Hour #12

  1. Steph says:

    “Crying does not indicate weakness. From birth it has been a sign that we’re alive.” Sometimes, yes, tears do represent weakness but there are also happy tears which spring to our eyes if we are overcaught in the pride of a moment or just laugh too much. Tears are not signs of weakness. They are a sign of strength.

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