What I Got For Christmas …


I know this post is slightly delayed, but in my defence I have been busy and lazy and was planning on doing this on the 28th December. I hope everyone else got lots of lovely thing this year and had a lovely time with your loved ones, I would like to point out that I am not trying to brag by posting this, I really enjoy looking at these sort of posts because I am nosy so I thought I would share my presents with you and I am truly grateful for all I received. Hopefully you will enjoy this post and see some things you want to snap up yourself.

Valentina Perfume

Valentina by Valentio Perfume: I love this perfume it smells so pretty, I needed a new bottle of perfume because I am running low so my parents got me this one, from what I remember they have a newer scent out but this is the classic one. I like floral scents so this is one that is right up my alley.

You cant sit with us

TB jumper dress

Pattern on Jumper

Jumper by Ted Baker and “You Can’t Sit With Us” T-shirt: I don’t generally get a lot of clothing for Christmas or Birthday’s simply because I generally don’t trust people to get my clothes. I asked for the t-shirt because who doesn’t like a mean girls quote t-shirt. I also got this lovely Ted Baker jumper which is so pretty and soft and cute, I love it and it has a girly pattern.

CandleCandles: My friend Amy got me some lovely candles from Camden market, they smell divine and if anyone knows me I love candles. The one in the picture is called a Christmas Wish, which smelt all festive and a White Tea and Ginger. I also got some rose scented tea lights.


Books and DVD’s: I always ask for books for Christmas and I was not disappointed this year, I got the first four books in the Iron Fey series, which was a surprise from my folks when I asked them to have a look for the first book from The Works. Fangirl and Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea which are two of the books I have been wanting to read since I started watching BookTube. My brother also treated me to the second book in the Ruby Red Trilogy Sapphire Blue (which I finished today). I also got a couple of DVD’s I saw Stuck in Love and wanted the DVD as I have been on a Lily Collins/ Logan Lerman kick at the moment (I pre-ordered The Mortal Instruments with my amazon voucher). My parents also surprised me with a copy of Despicable Me 2 which I was very excited about, my friend also bought me a minion, there was a lot excitement.

Jasper Conran Bag

Handbag: I got this Jasper Conran bag for myself but my mother would not let me use it until Christmas, but is was so nice and it’s leather and I got it for half price in the sale and I love it. It is such a nice bag and I wanted to share it with you.

Pierce the Veil

Pierce the Veil, DVD Documentary: I am a massive PTV fan, they are one of my favourite bands and my BFF got me this World tour DVD and Collide with the Sky CD combo thingy. I have yet to watch the DVD but I have next week wide open and one day I am going to sit and watch it and I am very excited to do so.

Starbucks Coffee and Mug

Starbucks Coffee and Ashley Thomas Travel Mug: If you don’t know by know I like Starbucks coffee and probably spend to much money in Starbucks so my parents bought me coffee. Wise Idea. I also got a pretty mug to go with it and its all very delicious (I opened it today, and used my caffitiere and felt very grown up)

I also got some heated hair rollers (which I shall review) other bits and bobs, a pair of slippers, lots of chocolate, a bookmark, and a diary and nail varnish and some smelly thing to put in with my underwear (don’t ask it was from my aunt as a boxing day gift, but smells very nice like Wildflowers)

Let me know what you got for Christmas in the comments xoxo

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