Inspirational Half Hour #13

I don’t know if this is really inspirational, however that being said I think it is important to remember  the importance of the people who accept you for you and do not expect any more or less of you than you can personally achieve. I am a little weird sometimes, and say stupid things, and probably embarrass myself 9 times out of 10 . That being said I know I have a group of friends that will accept my faults and still unconditionally love me at the end of the day, probably because they are so similar to me. My point is I suppose that the more we try to change to fit in with the people we assume we are supposed to be friends with the more unhappy you are likely to become. What is the point of doing that, it isn’t gonna make you feel better about yourself as much as I want to say it will. I can’t really see that happening because you are not being yourself and you are you for a reason. So you’re not in with the popular girls, or the jocks, or the “popular kids” in school, newsflash they are not going to be the popular kids forever one day they will have to get a job and being the most likely to marry a millionaire in high school won’t help them in any way because nobody will care. So make friends with people who make you happy, if you are a jock/ athlete good on you because I bet anything that you are happy with your friends and they accept you for  you but if you aren’t a jock/ athlete then don’t try to fit in with those types of people find your own group of people who will love your weirdness. It isn’t everyday that you find that person or people, but when they come around they rarely leave.


2 thoughts on “Inspirational Half Hour #13

  1. Steph says:

    How very true honey! You know I’m always here for you right? Anytime. I think this is really good for teenagers to read. Because you don’t need to be all that. I know it’s hard being on your own, you feel the world is against you when you’re facing it on your own, but there will always be someone to at least comfort you on your journey. Good writing beautiful, as per usual! xx

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