Valentine’s Gift Guide

Valentine's Gift Guide
I am one of those people who don’t like a big fancy show of Valentines Day … this year I will be spending it in bed, with a big bowl of popcorn and a series of horror movies (maybe I’ll see if I can borrow my friends dog for the evening). I think it is a whole unnecessary show, but that being said I don’t have an aversion to Valentines Day, I just this anniversaries and spontaneous declarations of love are much more important. That being said who doesn’t like receiving presents. It is all about knowing your other half. Men are always harder to by for, maybe a day experience ( indoor skydiving??) or something you know he would really appreciate; sometimes just cooking dinner will be a winner (I’ve had boyfriends that weren’t that hard to please). I suppose women are easier to buy for because lets face it no matter how much they oppose romance, a pretty necklace or bunch of our favourite flower (ALWAYS CHECK) will make us smile.

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