Inspirational Half Hour #17


I think in this day and age we think so many things matter. Hatred is such a strong emotion and it can truly take hold of our lives. However at the end of the day, the people you hate aren’t going to care if you are dead. Its is the people you love and loved that will care for you in the end of the day. This quote really does speak for itself. I think one of the most important parts is the last part. I know people who will hold on to things that are not meant for them, relationships in particular and that is not the way to live. It hurts and its hard, and you may be scared a little, but the hurt fades, it becomes a little easier and the scars will heal. Be gracious with your life and life will be gracious with you.


One thought on “Inspirational Half Hour #17

  1. Steph says:

    In regards to relationships…sometimes it’s like whipping a plaster off. It might hurt for a while…or a long time after but L.I.F.E D.O.E.S G.O O.N!! You might not believe it, but in a year’s time are you still going to miss this person? The answer will be yes in most cases, because you can’t see yourself getting over this but do whatever works for you with respect to moving on (bury yourself in work etc.)

    Very well written hun.

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