Inspirational Half Hour #19

I am far from what I would consider normal, I will be the eccentric old woman who all the kids think is a witch later on in life. I can be a little weird, and a little neurotic at times, slightly freaky and 100% happy. I like the quirkiness in my personality. I can be normal I would personally classify that as being professional. I know that it can be hard to accept being the different kid, especially in high school when being in the “cool” crowd is what everyone wants. I probably read too much and invest too much time on Tumblr (I get invested in fandom, I did my dissertation on the concept). I am constantly attached to either a book or an electronic device. As I grew up I learnt to accept myself as I am my little quirks and all. I have known friends to hide their idiosyncrasies because they think it will be unattractive to the opposite sex. If they don’t like all of you then they aren’t worth it and that cute guy can fall for you if you be yourself.


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