Pancake Day and Lent…

Everyone loves a good pancake I tend to go for American Style Pancakes or Scotch Pancakes to English Pancakes I just prefer them. I like Grand Baby Cakes  (X) or BBC Goodfood (X) for recipes.


They are just thicker and cakeyer and more yummy than english pancakes and I regret nothing.


These are my attempts, if you are going for breakfast, pancakes and bacon with maple syrupy is the best thing ever. I would seriously love the man who bought me pancakes, thats true love right there. A friend of mine got proposed to with chocolate cheesecake, me I would want pancakes.

Lent …

I rarely give anything up for lent and I didn’t really know what to give up this year. I considered giving up book buying for Lent but that is never going to happen is it lets face it. Giving something up is really hard and I think it will probably be a huge waist of time. For lent I am cutting down on unhealthy foods, because if I can do it for lent then it will be easier to continue with it and Lent is the perfect excuse. For example if I am at going out I will treat myself to a desert but there is no point in eating a entire bar of chocolate (like the family size one because no one has the self control to have one square) on a tuesday night. I like sweet things I won’t deny it, but I also love raspberries and blueberries and a handful of those after dinner or lunch is much better for you.

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