D is for Dating …

There are a lot of wonderful things about being in a relationship, cuddles/snuggles, having someone who cares, watching movies/netflix in bed all day and lots of other things. However finding someone to do all those things with can be a difficult thing to do. Dating is not like it used to be, now days a lot of dating is done online. It is not uncommon, my cousin met her husband online. I have friends that met their boyfriends online. 

Source. vi.sualize.us

Dating Sites: I personally use Oasis.com, I like the layout and the ease to use, and it’s free !! Plenty of Fish is also another very popular dating site. Here are a few things to remember when using a dating site.

1. Choose the right one for you

2. Use recent photos

3. Tell the TRUTH

4. Don’t be shy fill in the profile fully and add/contact people (you aren’t going to get anywhere if you are not going to put yourself out there)

5.  Ask questions

6.  Flirt a little


The thing is you will have to wade through the creepers, and people who are literally looking for a quick hook up and people who aren’t your type and the douche bags but there is no point in giving up at the first hurdle. I met my ex on this site, the only problem we had was the distance and the time frame he was starting up his own business  and I was in University and it was hard and as much as we wanted to make it work it wasn’t. That didn’t mean to say we didn’t give in a good old hard college try.  The thing you have to remember is not to emotionally invest to soon, you may get stood up (I did the other day, I got angry and got over it).  If you are willing to try then you can find someone.

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