Inspirational Half Hour #21


I love GIRLS, if you haven’t watched it I would totally recommend it.

This quote is words of wisdom my friends. These sorts of relationships can be people who are considered lovers or friends, even family. Toxic relationships can destroy us keep us from becoming or doing what we are supposed to. I have been in a relationship that I know wasn’t good for me and I was well aware how it was effecting me, and I tried so hard to make it work even though we both knew it was making us miserable. When I finally got the courage to break up with him I felt so much lighter like a weight had been lifted from my chest. The hardest thing is letting go, and moving on as the more toxic the relationship, usually it is harder to let it go. To be who you are supposed to be you need to have people who support you and love you and let you grow by yourself and in the relationship. It is important that you are not overshadowed by your relationship and that you can be who you are meant to be. 


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