Mother’s Day Gift Guide …

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I always find my mum really hard to buy for and the face that her birthday is literally one week after Mother’s Day this year has not been easy on my bank balance. I feel that Mother’s day isn’t really a day for extravagant gift giving (besides my mum is 50 this year) I think its the thought that counts. I tend to think to myself well what does my mum enjoy doing or what does she need. If your mum is a jewellery person, earring are always a safe bet, candles or bath/body stuff is also another easy way to go and is usually well received, booze too. Need a new dressing gown … perfect, can’t deny is wont be used, slippers as well. If you are going to a wedding or event and your mum needs something for it, a bag for example then take her to pick it and save it for the day. If they know what they’re getting it isn’t the end of the world, buy her a nice bouquet of flowers to go with it. It’s about the thought and love that goes into it. I know my mum never expects much on mothers day and she literally just liked spending the day with her family which is why I as a loving daughter booked the day of work, so I can spend it with my mum, nan and aunt (and my brother is coming back from uni for easter which I am really excited about because I haven’t seen him since Christmas)


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