Inspirational Half Hour #22



I am full believer of doing something for yourself, not for others, or because you think you should do it even though you know it will make you miserable because you think this will help you prove yourself to others.IT ISN’T WORTH IT !!! I promise you it isn’t. People so often do things that they don’t like or enjoy or want just because they feel like they should be doing them. This doesn’t mean to say that you can’t take risks, but there is no point going on a date with someone who you categorically know that you will not like, that being said if you are unsure take that risk and go for it. Life is about balancing the risks and what you know you can do, and enjoying your choices. If you are unhappy in life then what is the point. There is a reason we hope and dream and want things because it is what makes us who we are, and different from everyone else. Remember if you are happy then those around you should be happy for you.


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