F is for Friends …

When I was 5 I remember getting those invitation packs and wondering if I would need 1 or 2, or how many people would RSVP to my party (or getting one from someone else).  Trying to convince my mum to let me have that one more friend to my sleepover and then deciding who I shall invite (cause she said no). When we were kids we were surprisingly resilient to friendships and then we went to high school and it all went to shit. That being said I was kind of friends with most people, I was one of those people. I didn’t really get good friends until Sixth Form when I really made good friends.   I however didn’t meet my friend Amy until last year and she is my soulmate (we are so freakishly similar and so different it is weird). When I say soulmate I don’t mean I am in love with her, but she is kind of like my other half. I can count on her for anything, to tell me when I am being a bitch and to tell me when I am wrong and she is one of those people that would definitely help me hide a body.

Screen shot 2013-11-30 at 16.14.03

She supports me and believes in me and accepts my idiosyncrasies and my book buying problem. You know that people say that when you meet those right friends that they become like family to you and she is my sister from another mister, my bro for another ho (Amy I assume you appreciate that one). Its an unconditional love and need to care for someone that makes them special to you and that is what is important. I have a small group of friends that never fail to make me smile and I know that even when they make fun of me, its cause they care.

Source: angelsandteenagers.tumblr.com

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