Inspirational Half Hour #23

It is hard enough to be confident, it took me a long time to have confidence in my self and even now at the age of 21 I still have those moments of doubt. Remember no matter how confident someone is on the outside, those harsh words still hurt. I was never the prettiest and not until I turned 17 I learnt to accept myself and puberty caught up with me and my features got prettier, and I decided to take better care of myself that I really built up a productive self-confidence. It wasn’t the easiest feat by any means and like I said I still have moments when i think to myself I look ugly today or why can’t I get a boyfriend what is wrong with me? The answer of course is nothing, but there will always be a nagging self-doubt hanging around sometimes. People may intentionally or not be saying small and insignificant sounding things can hurt and repeated over again can destroy someone.

There is a line between being realistic and forgetting how to dream. dreaming helps us grow, whether it is realistic or not, there is no point in thinking that you cannot do or be or want something because you or someone else thinks it is unattainable. I am never going to marry Austin Carlile from Of Mice and Men, but its nice to dream about it. Have higher expectations for yourself and your future as if you don’t aspire to get somewhere you will be stuck in a dead-end job unhappy and unloved and that will kill you.


2 thoughts on “Inspirational Half Hour #23

  1. Steph says:

    I totally agree with you here. The ‘what is the problem with me?’ is also a massive issue in my life. The only thing I’d say is having expectations of anyone else’s actions or responses is dangerous. You can have high expectations of yourself but please remember not to beat yourself up if you don’t meet them! We are all pioneers who learn life on the job.
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