G is for Galleries …

G was a really hard word to choose I mean, G-String and Gangsters are two things I am not particularly fond of. I mean I don’t actually know any gangsters and I don’t wear g-strings cause they are uncomfortable, but galleries those I do like.

I love art galleries, I love art. If you want a stick man then I am your girl but apart from that my artistic talent leaves a lot to be desired.

Source: shereentravelcheap.blogspot.com

I did an art history module while I was university and I loved it, it was so interesting and great fun and the fact that I got to visit loads of galleries and museums was a massive bonus. I love the fact there are such a variety in London, from the National Gallery to The British Museum  and The V & A and Tate Modern. I love them I think they are brilliant I love to to wander so galleries and museums are perfect for me. I love to have all these wonderful things to look at, I mean there was some odd and weird stuff around and I have no problem with modern art so I didn’t have to much problem.


Glass sculpture at The V & A

The one thing I miss about living in the city is being able to get on a tube and go and wander around somewhere for a few hours when I have some down time. Here is a list of some of the galleries and museums in london (X). If I can I will always go to galleries and museums in different cities and countries.

I am not ashamed to admit I have probably been to most of the galleries/museums on that  list, you can always find something to interest you in places like that if not there is always the Harry Potter Tour  (I AM GOING THIS YEAR WITH OUT A DOUBT)




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