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Lucy’s Diamond in the Sky is 1 today. isn’t that exciting. (Well the 13th, and I totally started writing this post yesterday but I was at work and then ended up going out and falling asleep as soon as I got home !! EXCUSES !!). Wow that year has gone pretty fast. I know my first post was about books (what a surprise X). I throughly enjoy writing on my blog even if it took me a couple of months to get started. I was encouraged to start this blog while I was university (perfect procrastination tool) and I have continued to write on it because as much as it looks good on my CV I really enjoy doing it. I may not have thousands of followers but those that I do I thoroughly appreciate.

If you haven’t already guessed the name of my blog comes from The Beatles song Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, I am a big Beatles fan, I have a very eclectic mix of music but I was bought up on this stuff, from The Beatles to The Rolling Stones (Wild Horses in my Top 3 Songs) The Everly Brothers and a number of 50’s/Sixties bands and singers. As the sun in shining today I thought I would leave you with a appropriate Beatles number …

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Top 3 book related posts …

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Favourite Things to Make me smile … (I think I might restat this)

Hot men, with tattoos, beards and abs in your bed

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Thank You




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