Inspirational Half Hour #25


I have been a really positive mood lately, maybe because things are looking up lately (maybe my lucky cat is working). I am talking to a very handsome fella, and the job front might have something coming my way. I am a believer of living in the moment as it is never going to come again, there is no harm in trying something and failing at least you can say you tried and you wont regret not going for it. I mean I have my off days, my allergies have been reeking havoc over the last couple of days and I have been curled up in bed watching YouTube and Netflix when I haven’t been working. Being young is the best time of your life and you have to embrace it and remember you are beautiful, no one is perfect and remember to the right person you will be perfect. I don’t know who said it but remember Don’t frown because someone could be falling in love with your smile.


P.S Sorry this is late and if it is a little rambley.

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