My Wardrobe Essentials

My Wardrobe Essentials
Tops … 
A white v-neck will go with everything, I have a few, especially the baggy ones (when in doubt steal from your other half), I think they look great with jeans and shorts and are so easy to throw on which when I get up in the morning if I am in a can’t be asked mood I can have a get up and go look if I am going out with friends that doesn’t look like I have make no effort at all. A white blouse/shirt is universal it goes so well with a pencil skirt for an interview or jeans if you want to dress up your look slightly.
Outerwear …
This cardigan from Zara actually inspired me to write this post, I love Zara’s basic cardigans they are so comfy and soft and last for ages the ones I have I have had since I was 18 so thats almost 4 years now and I still wear them even though I do need to replace them (they are getting a bit bobbly and out of shape) they are well worth the price because they last so long. A leather jacket is something every girl should own, I would live and die in mine if I could, you can throw it on over just about anything and it gives it an instant edge, which is probably why I wear mine over floral dresses.
A pair of well fitting jeans is a must, like the v-neck they are get up and go piece of clothing, I would be lost without mine as I know if I am in a rush I can throw mine on, my ass looks good and I am comfortable, besides you can wear heels if your going for drinks and flats for shopping and lunch. The Little Black Dress is something everyone needs in their wardrobe, something sexy and makes you feel good about yourself.
I own an excessive amount of shoes but if I had to whittle it down I know my nude heels would be a definite keeper, they go with pretty much everything, look sexy and professional and are a universal shoe that I can wear to an interview or out with friends and if they are comfy then I am all good to go. I am a vans and converse kind of girl but the “slipper”/loafer style of shoe is my new best friend I am obsessed, (I had a pair to wear at my cousins wedding in the evening) they are comfy and I would recommend them to all, besides I am firm believer in flats if I know I am going to be on my feet all day (no matter how tall your man is).
My number one must have is a signature lipstick, no matter what colour you choose, a coat of your favourite lipstick can instantly transform your look and give you a massive confidence boost. A statement watch is perfect office to drinks wear, it saves you carrying extra jewellery for the evening and it means you wont be looking at your phone for the time and more professional. Finally a sturdy handbag, big enough that you can fit your essentials but not to big that you are swamped by it is the key.
Item List …
12. Watch

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