I is for Imagination …

As a child your imagination is so pure, innocent and wild. You have no problems with accepting the fairy tale princesses, the knights, dragons and far off lands. Its so exciting, a cardboard box can be a rocket or a plane, a car or a train. (haha that kind of rhymes). As we get older and like takes over, studying, job, mortgage we forget how powerful our imagination can be.

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I have a more creative mind, I did a media arts degree, I love creating (my new obsession in my wreck this journal) and writing and finding ways to express myself, otherwise I feel overwhelmed with emotions and can get really sad and revert into myself and that is not good for me. There is an infinite number of possibilities of where your imagination can take you, you just need to accept it instead of fight it.  Imagination gives you the ability to dream and become the person you want to be instead of just going along with the motions you think you are supposed to follow.

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This is why books are such an important part of my life, I like to escape in them put myself in the stories, I can fall into Wonderland with Alice, Sail the Dawn Treader with Edmund and Lucy, Fly with Peter and the Lost Boys. I can party with Gatsby, fight with the Shadow hunters and live with Dragons and Direwolves in Westeros.  I can watch Patti Smith create art, I can cast spells with Harry Potter and fall in love repeatedly, with reckless abandon and pure passion in many ways with many people.  You can do so much and be so much and you should never ever ever limit your self, the possibilites are as wide as you imagination. Be creative, be a little careless and a little wild, love and hope, dream and breathe.

Source: Lauren Francis Pintrest



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