Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water Review



I bought my product from ASDA for £4.99. You can buy it here from (X) or in stores.

I am probably one of the few women on earth that have never used Bioderma (X) (I am a little late to the bandwagon), its really expensive in the UK a 500ml bottle is £14.50 while this 400ml bottle is £5. You can get it in france for a lot cheaper which is why most blogger stock up when they go there. Viviana Does Makeup (X) said she got just under a litre for under £15.

I use the product with a cotton wool pad, it is easy to pour and its doesn’t gush out and there is very little spillage. It  Another trick I have found with this product is that I can place a cotton bud (I use Johnson’s) over the opening and saturate the cotton and use it to clean up any make up that I have messed up (generally my eyeliner). It takes of makeup quickly and am actually very impressed with the products ability to remove the dirt of my face both in the morning and evening before I put on my moisturiser. I have quite sensitive skin and as long as I don’t over saturate the pad it doesn’t irritate my eyes as it has no fragrance. It doesn’t leave a sticky residue and my face feels fresh and soothed.

I used this product for 1.5 months before my review and used about just under half of the product. I don’t know if you actually get 200 uses from the bottle (I will count when I buy another bottle) but I would definitely recommend it if you wanted to use a micellar water product that is not too expensive.


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