The Infernal Devices Series by Cassandra Clare Review

Infernal Devices
If you hadn’t gathered this review is for all three books in The Infernal Devices Series by Cassandra Clare which is the prequel series to  The Mortal Instruments Series. I decided to do all three in one review as I believed it would be easier I will use page breaks to separate each book so hopefully no one will get spoiled if they don’t want too. This series was so much better than I was expecting and I think I prefer it to The Mortal Instruments series,but there was definitely aspects of both I enjoyed. The one thing I did love throughout this series is picking out little aspects that appear in The Mortal Instruments series. I love Tessa, I definitely prefer her over Clary as the heroine, (not that I don’t like Clary), she is feisty and doesn’t take things lying down, she is intelligent. I also love they way Clare has made her a book love and incorporated classic novels into the story. She has a big heart and I love the way her and Will compliment each other. Will is one of my favourite literary characters, I like his sarcastic/snarky attitude and the contrast of that when you see his relationship with Jem. Jem is so sweet and kind, he isn’t as prominent in the first novel, he is gentlemanly and the complete opposite of Will and they are a perfect paring the yin and yang. I love Henry and Charlotte, Henry all you have to say is bless him and Charlotte is kick ass and I love female characters like that, Sophie is brilliant as well and I love her character development over the course of the series. Jessamine is to stuck up and snooty for my liking and I don’t like her, I know she is supposed to be that way I just hate people that think they are better than others even in novels.

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Clockwork Angel … I really enjoyed this story, it sets the series up in an exciting way without giving to much away or leaving to much out. I was so throughly enthralled with this book when I read it, I can’t say that I had any expectations of the novel but I was aware of how many people loved the series. There was a healthy share of setting up the world, story and characters and action that I didn’t feel that it fell flat. There wasn’t an over indulgence of Victorian London that pointed out any major historical inaccuracies, (which is a pet peeve for me) and I really liked the steam punk elements, as it really intrigues me. The other things that I really liked was the links between the two series especially when Magnus mentions how much he loved the combination of blue eyes and black hair, I fangirled so hard as Magnus/Alec is my favourite TMI paring. I loved the major plot twist (NATE!!!!!!!) I totally did not see that coming. The epilogue really threw me as well, I am sure there was some internal screaming at the time. Verdict: 5/5


Clockwork Prince … My first thought when I finished this book was that is was more of a filler novel than anything else, there was very minimum action and it was more of a filler for the build up in the next novel. I did not expect the Jessamine plot twist by any means and I thought it was very interesting if not very sad how it played out for her because you see she isn’t a bad person she just doesn’t want the life of a Shadowhunter. The development of the love triangle was okay, the steamy make out sessions for Tessa I thought were both brilliant and maybe a little slutty (I still love her). I know Will can be a bit of an ass sometime but no one can deny that, that boy can give a killer speech/declaration of love. I think my favourite moment of the book was the moment between Charlotte and Henry declaring there love to each other as they both thought they didn’t love each other which made my heartbreak because they are so perfect together and I love them together.  The last line had my jaw on the floor, I won’t spoil it for you but I was in shock at the end. Verdict: 4/5

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Clockwork Princess …  OMG, the feels, the pure feels. The story is so action packed and I love that there is very little down time and the novel moves at a brisk pace which I like they’re were definitely some OMG moments, the sexy time moment between Tess and Will in the cave before he major fight was so cute and sweet. Jem’s story was so so sad and heartbreaking and I had no idea that was the way it was going to turn out, I had a love/hate feeling with the way Mortmain died, it was definitely dramatic, the clockwork angel in awesome throughout the series, but somehow I could not help but feel it was a little anti climactic. Consul Wayland was a right (insert very rude word here) in the book and I hated him as Charlotte is awesome and doesn’t deserve his assholeyness. As for the other characters Cecily’s spunk is something I admire with her character, she doesn’t take shit from nobody especially Gabriel Lightwood and I love how different he is around her. Sophie and Gideon are one of my favourite couples in the series and the way they get together and their relationship in general is sweet, and slightly comedic and makes me cooo like a child.     SPOILERS ….    However there were some major things that I did not like that really stood out for me in the book, the first was how Tessa got randomly abducted in the middle of the battle, I understand why it had to happen but it was so obvious that it angered me. The second was Jessamine’s ghost, I know why she had to come back to continue the storyline but really what was the point of her second appearance in this book it is totally pointless and last but not least Henry’s injury it is irrelevant, it makes no difference to the outcome of the storyline. I also cried a few times to the end of the novel, Jem’s goodbye and Tessa describing her life with Will, made me blub. It was so raw and emotional and was a real credit to Clare’s talent for writing. It was so beautifully sad. Verdict: 5/5


Overall this is one of my favourite fantasy YA series, I love the characters and the plot. I have always been a fan of Clare’s writing and am excited to read the rest of The Mortal Instrument Series, (5th and 6th, I am saving the 5th to read just before the sixth is released) and am desperate to get The Bane Chronicles, even though the series is an ebook (which I hate) because I love Magnus. This is a series I would recommend to anyone who wants to read a YA series, as I enjoyed it so much and will definitely re read this series again.


3 thoughts on “The Infernal Devices Series by Cassandra Clare Review

  1. Linh says:

    Oh my God! This is soo weird but I literally ordered Clockwork Angel yesterday! I’m currently waiting for it to arrive and I’m so excited. I finished City of Lost Souls last week and I feel like I have withdrawal symptoms. I think City of Heavenly FIre is going to kill me because apparently a lot of character are going to die? Arghhh.
    Anyways, I hope you have a lovely day, and great review! 🙂

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