J is for Just Say Yes…

OMG J is such a hard letter, this is so much harder than I thought it would be for me, as I really have no idea what to write most weekends. Now I know that this week has a phrase but I really couldn’t be bothered to do a post about jumpers, jeans or junk, that would have put me to sleep writing it just as much as you would have fallen asleep reading it, and don’t get me wrong I am a fan of a well fitting pair of jeans just as much as the next person but no writing a whole post about it. These posts are about things that are relevant to my life or are important to me so I though we would do something a little deeper than my favourite jumper.

Yes there is a Snow Patrol song title Just Say Yes …

Now I don’t mean you have to say yes to everything, if you want to know how that would turn out you should watch Yes Man with Jim Carey in it. My point today is that saying yes won’t actually hurt you. I am a firm beliver in taking some risks in life, now I don’t mean leaping out of a plane because that is like my worst nightmare flying and heights. It is okay to say Yes to a slice of cake because having a slice of cake once in a while isn’t going to make you put on 10 stone.

Source: Gonca Güçlütürk Pinterest

Say yes to dressing up a little bit more today, its okay to want to add an extra touch of glamour to your look. If I am feeling down or want to add a little something extra to my look I will swipe of a coat of my favourite lipstick and I will insantly feel better, I find doing my hair and make up has that effect on me. I suppose sometimes its a little bit of amour. That beings said if you want to put on a killer pair of heels and dress up to the nines DO IT. You’ll feel good, sexy and powerful and that always feels great.

Source: haydenwilliamsillustrations.tumblr.com/

Just remember it is okay to treat yourself to a new book, new pair of shoes or lipstick. Its okay to say yes and be who you want to be, the world would be very dull without it.


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