Inspirational Half Hour #28


This statement is going to be as true as your going to get, we live such fast paced lives that we rarely stop to see what is around us. I was in London recently for a job interview around and everyone was rushing past and pushing to get to their destination, it was one of the first truly nice day we have had in England for a while, the sun was shining and I really think no one cared, I was personally one of those people when I was on my way to the office (I got a little lost,) but afterwards getting a little lost finding a Starbucks I could sit down for five minutes and take a look around. The area I was in was the Green Park area which has a number of fancy shops, cafes and restaurants and I was very intrigued to have a look around. Sometimes we are so busy trying to get from A to B we forget about the world around us. I fully endorse spending some time each day just looking around or spending a saturday outdoors.

P.S I am sorry this is late and short.


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