K is for Knitwear …

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I thought we would do something slightly less deep this week, so while I sit here munching on my bowl of popcorn, lets talk about my obsession with knitwear. Now I have frequently mentioned my obsession with books well I also have one with knitwear. I love jumpers and cardigans, as well as thick chunky scarfs and things like that. My favourite thing to wear is an oversized jumper, (mens ones are usually perfect). Up until the point in the year where it gets to hot to wear knitwear I will. I will wear them with shorts, and as I usually get chilly in the evenings I like to have a combination of thick and light knits. They are also great to layer up and go with pretty much everything. Mostly they are just really comfortable.

Screen shot 2014-05-10 at 15.52.05


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