My First Birchbox Experience.


I have heard so many things about beauty boxes, and after watching a couple of videos on YouTube I decided to bow to pressure and try them out from myself and decided to do some research, there were three boxes I looked into getting Glossybox (X) Love Me Beauty (X) and Birchbox (X).  As you can see I ended up going with Birchbox, that being said I will probably try the other two over the next few months, as I have ordered the May Birchbox as well (I will do a post on that too) and I do want to see if I get along with other boxes better. The only thing with these boxes is that they seem to take forever to process (but that might just be me) however that being said I got the box the day after I was emailed saying it was on its way which I liked immensely. I was a little bit disappointed with the box when I first opened it but I did like the little bag that the products came in as I can reuse it (not sure for what thought). I don’t really no what I was expecting to be honest which is why I also ordered the May Birchbox before I make any major decisions about it and move on to another one.

box 2

So if you don’t know these beauty boxes come at £10.00 plus £2.95 P&P, this may seem a little steep for some people but when you roughly add all the products up obviously counting for sample sizes you do get some value for money (this is also another reason I ordered a second box, that and it is a Harper Bazar edition)  I got 6 samples in my box which I thought was a good number as most range from 4-6 depending on the box.

1. How ‘Bout Them Apples? Cheek and Lip Cream by TheBalm Cosmetics in Pie (Full Size, Set of 6 £26 X)

apples 1

apples 2

apples swatch



This is a beautiful colour and gives a lovely tint to the lip (I don’t tend to use a cream blush because I find them to intense for my skin tone (I use a light powder or go for bronzer) so I will not be using this as a blush but for a lip I definitely approve of it. I am very temped to get the full size product. It gives a nice coverage, I personally used a lip brush while applying this product because I hate using my finger with coloured products the only time I will use my finger is with my Carmex lip balm so a brush is a must have for me when using this product and as I usually buy lipstick it doesn’t get an outing but it will with this product.

2. Lord and Berry Couture Khol Kajal Eye Pencil (Full Size £10 X)


liner swatch

I decided to test this product out while I was at work and I think I have found my new favourite eyeliner, as I wear eyeliner a lot I tend to stick with ones that I know (Topshop Eyeliner (X)) but I used this one today and I was so happy with it. The application was lovely and neat and it didn’t transfer the crease of my eyelid at all during the day. It faded slightly with wear which would be expected but overall I was very impressed with the product and if it keeps performing like this then I will probably invest in some at £10 either via Birchbox, their website of even Amazon or ASOS.

3. Color Club Gala’s Gems Nail Polish in Aquamarine Azulino (Set  of 4 X)


This was so easy to apply, I did as suggested and did two thin coats and a top and base coat as well, this is actually a quite thick polish and goes on nicely, that does mean it takes a little longer to dry without you nicking it which I did on a couple of my nails while making myself some tea, but all day at work and not a chip in sight I will be interested to see how long it takes for a chip to appear especially how much time I spend typing on my computer. I actually really like the colour and the slight shimmer isn’t overpowering and as I am a big fan of blue and pastels it was good sample for me.

4. Yes to Cucumbers Facial Wipes (Full Price £4.99 X)



I love the smell of cucumber in any sort of product and these smell very good. There isn’t much to say about them really they are facial wipes it kind of does what it says on the tin. They are refreshing and removed my make up the same as any wipe (which I tend to avoid now days) and are a good little size but I don’t prefer them any more that any other travel size wipes I have used in the past.

5. Campos de Ibiza Almendra Body Milk (Full Size £16.55 X)

body milk


I use body lotion/cream/butter/milk religiously because I have such dry skin, the product is very hydrating for the skin I rubbed some on my elbows (more because I need to and it was there) and the skin is remarkably hydrated compared to normal and the skin doesn’t feel as rough as it did. The only thing I have against this product is the scent, it clings to the skin that it for sure I can still smell it on my arm a few hours after application, but I don’t like it is very old lady like, (personal opinion) and that is a real turn off for me.

6. Propercorn, Sweet Coconut and Vanilla (Price 90p X)


I have a love hate relationship with coconut food stuffs and I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it at all and I was actually really surprised about how nice this popcorn tastes it was not overpowering with either flavour but there was a nice coating on all the pieces. It was sweet without being sickly I will definitely some more if I can find it around.



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