Jack Wills Holiday Shop Favourites.

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I got an email the other day mentioning the new Jack Wills holiday shop  and of course I had to check it out, I love the way they have set out their holiday shop this year into four sections “The Road Tripper” “The City Breaker” “Summer Abroad” and “Summer in the UK”. As money is tight this year road tripping is going to be a summer staple and that enticed me to actually create this post, that and I am a massive european city fan and would willingly travel to any city (I am a bit of a culture nut). The products actually really surprised me as I am usually not really blown away and really only tend to but hooded sweatshirts and the occasional t-shirt from Jack Wills. If you hadn’t already guessed I am in love with the wide variety of dresses in their collection there is something for everyone and day and night dresses I am very impressed. I think that Jack Wills has definitely grown as a brand since I first started buying from them, I like that they usually always have tan accessories as I am a massive fan of tan in the summer it is just so much lighter and this saddle bag is calling my name.


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