Tunes Tuesday #26

Mat Kearny – Closer to Love 

The first song I heard from May Kearny is Ships in the Night and I can’t actually remember where I heard it from it was probably on a video I watched on YouTube. I love his voice, it is so nice to listen to and his songs, it is something I can listen to on repeat (and have) the melody and lyrics are always so upbeat and romantic without being cheesy and over the top. Wikipedia describes his sounds as rock/folk and I would have to agree with the assumption, so you can probably tell why I like it. It’s a sweet song and I have fallen in love with the sound as well.

A Little Note to Say …I am sorry that I have been MIA the last couple of days (I have been super busy and the hot weather had been playing havoc with my hay fever) and usually I will play catch up and get all the posts I was supposed to write over the weekend up as soon as but I am going to leave the Alphabet Saturday and Inspirational Half Hour posts for this week and write a proper post for you next week but I have a couple of pre-written posts that I am going to post during the rest of the week.




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