Blood Prince by Tanya Huff Book Review …

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Blood Price is the first book in The Vicki Nelson or Blood Books series by Tanya Huff. I first read the series like many people from GoodReads is because of the lifetime series Blood Ties. You can probably tell my the books the I review I love urban fantasy, or pretty much anything supernatural, I have a little bit of a Vampire obsession and decided to re-read this series (well I only read the first two because for some reason I had 1,2 and 4 so I recently bought number 3 and will purchase number 5 and the selection of short stories later.

The story was published in 1991 so there are obviously not cell phones and what not and I have come to the conclusion while researching for this review that some people can not see past that. I personally believe this is not a problem I didn’t miss the use of mobile phones and laptops, we still use answering machines today so I don’t see why that is a problem. That being said I love the premise of the series and I am excited to see where it goes, the plot is not 100% action packed and it does have some slow moments but there was enough tension, sexual and otherwise to make it a page turner. There is a great balance of humour and darkness that I liked, the story is obviously not entirely historically accurate but the real Henry Fitzroy dies at 17 and in the book he was turned at the age of 17 which I liked as it meant she did do research into the background of the real Fitzroy instead of making it all up as she went along (evidently the situations are fictitious). The story is written in multiple POV which I like because that way you understand all the character motives not just from the observations of the main protagonist. I am also a big fan of the establishing love triangle between Vicki, Henry and Mike Celluci.


There a diverse number of characters in this novel and I think they are well written, even the minor ones.  Vicki Nelson is a ex-cop PI with  Retinitis Pigmentosa who stumbles into this supernatural world right under her nose when she is hired by the girlfriend of one of the Victims Coreen). She is not your stereotypical urban fantasy heroine as Natalie (X) points out they are either damsels in distress of kick ass and undefeatable (kind of like Xena warrior princess), Vicki is openly flawed with her disability but she is still stubborn and badass, and doesn’t take crap from anyone. She is strong-willed which is a trait that Henry sees and admires in her. Henry Fitzroy is the resident vampire in this series and it f**k me sexy (well the actor in the tv series is regardless), he obviously oozes sex appeal and even Vicki isn’t immune to his “charm”. He has his typical vampire brood but is not vomit inducing like reading about Edward Cullen. One of the main things I like about Henry is the way Huff humanizes him, yes he drinks blood and avoids the sunlight, but he doesn’t sparkle or any of those other annoying cliché vampire stereotypes. I love Tony even though you don’t see him all that much, and Mike is an okay character if not a bit uptight. The villain of the book is a bit of a cliché “A little like Alfred Hitchcock does Revenge of the Nerds” is the perfect quote from the book to describe him but overall I wasn’t disappointed.


I really like this story line as it doesn’t insult your intelligence and is a quick and easy read. The supernatural elements are nicely balanced, and who can resist a sexy vampire, I would recommend this series whole heartedly it isn’t exactly “contemporary” but I don’t think it is all that noticeable. The way it is written makes it quite timeless and besides just because we have mobile phones it doesn’t mean that you can always get hold of someone.

GoodReads Rating: 4 Stars


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