Inspirational Half Hour #30


One of the hardest things in life is knowing when to give up and walk away from a situation, a person or a dream. Never give up is such a common, and overused phrase in my opinion. It is all well and good that we don’t give up and I would never tell anyone to give up on their dream but it gets to a point where sometimes walking away is better than holding on. Sometimes being the bigger person in an argument and walking away is the best thing for the situation, constantly arguing your point rarely gets you anywhere.

The hardest two things to walk away from are people and dreams. I often ask myself how many chances should I give a person to f**k me over (I’ve had some bad experiences with men). I fully believe in giving second chances when the situation calls for it, unless it is something I can not forgive like cheating (they do it once, they’ll do it again), obviously this depends on your definition of cheating; it varies for each person. This is why as much as your friends try to support you and give you their opinions you have to remember it is ultimately your choice and they should support you regardless of their opinions. Giving up on your dreams is heart breaking, you just have to know what it worth fighting for, not all dreams are made to come true, if we got everything we dreamed for in life, the world would be a horrible place, failure and heart ache are what make us compassionate and kind.

If you want to make the most of your life you don’t let unhealthy and poisonous situations and relationships bog you down figure out if they are worth fighting for or if you need to let go.


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