Botanics “All Bright” Hydrating Day and Night Cream Review


I get quite dry skin in the winter, it’s not extreme but it does warrant a good moisturiser. I refuse to pay the earth for some fancy designer moisturiser, I personally just don’t see the point. The actual reason for me to pick this up was because it was on sale and my old Simple one had run out so I needed a quick replacement. I like the Botanics range in boots and have used other items in the past so I thought I would give this a go. I like that it has natural properties as well, I am a big fan of using facial cleansing products that have natural or little harsh chemicals because I am sensitive.

Both products come in small 50ml pots and are conveniently sized and the product lasts for a good couple of months, the day cream is a thinner consistency than the night cream and easy to apply as a lot goes a long way.

Boots Botanics “All Bright” Hyrdrating Day Cream SPF 15 (Was £4.99 Now £2.99)


“A hydrating day cream moisturiser, with SPF15 protection, that brightens and protects. It hydrates for 24 hours, and is enriched with brightening hibiscus. Suitable for normal to dry skin. 5* UVA Protection (Ultra *****)” –


The day cream is pale pink in colour and the thinner of the two creams. I read a couple of reviews that some people don’t like the colour or scent, neither bother me I like the colour and think the scent is quite pleasant. As I mentioned earlier I have dry skin and hate heavy moisturiser as they sit horribly on my skin under my make up which is literally one of the worst feelings in the world. I have a combination of dry/normal skin which is what is what this product is recommended for (I have read reviews by people who have oily combinations skin and the reviews have been mixed  Botanics “Shine Away” is recommended for oily skin if you want to try out the Botanics range.) I have seen a difference of with my skin, I used to have quite sallow skin in the mornings but I feel that it looks brighter (this was not an instant difference) My skin feels cleaner and looks fresher and is definitely less dry. The product is easily absorbed into the skin and doesn’t leave my skin feeling oily or clogged up.  The only thing I would recommend is that make sure it has soaked in properly before you apply make up over the top (this is something I recommend with any product.)

Boots Botanics “All Bright” Hydrating Night Cream (Was £4.99 Now £3.99) 


“Botanics Hydrating Night Cream brightens and hydrates overnight, with hibiscus – nature’s brightness booster. Suitable for normal to dry skin.” –


The night cream is a richer thicker formula than the day cream in a darker dusky pink colour that holds a similar scent to the day cream. The product in doesn’t leave my skin greasy and sinks in over night leaving my skin softer. It is soothing after a long day wearing make up and being out in the air. It calms the redness of my skin that I sometimes get. The product leaves the skin slightly taut after I first applying but that fades after 10 minutes and leaves my skin soft and hydrated, not sticky or sore. The product is not overly rich but it is thick enough that it works for my skin and doesn’t sit heavily. I can go without using it but i have found that my skin suffers the next day. If you are thinking about getting just the night cream and using it in the day it is not something I would recommend as it is made to sink in gradually overnight and wouldn’t sit well under make up.

These products work well for me, my skin type and my budget. I used to use a universal moisturiser and If you don’t have a large budget you don’t need to spend a fortune on different products. I recommend getting both products. I have found that my skin is softer and brighter and looks over all better for improving my skin routine and I would really recommend getting a cleanser and moisturiser that work for you.  If you have dry/normal skin then I would recommend this to you, if you have a different type of skin proceed with caution and maybe try something more suited to your skin type.


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