Love Me Beauty May Box …


Before I get into it I am going to apoligise again my ME has been playing up and I have no energy to do much at all and I have been lacking behind on posting my weekly rambles. I am hoping that I will feel better soon and will be able to pick everything up again soon. I had most of this post pre-written so I only have to write the intro. I would appreciate it if you would bare with me and don’t give up as I will be back to business soon.

This is the second beauty box I have gotten, after a little problem with selecting the box I was quite impressed with the box, the products were good and  had a variety, I like that it wasn’t just beauty products it changed it up a little bit. I like that you can choose out of 3 boxes and there is a mix of scents/colours/flavours and you can choose your favourite. I looked up this months one and wasn’t to impressed with the selection so I am going to avoid it this month. I may go with the glossy box or go with birchbox. Lord and Bett

Tea Pigs Tea Bags in “Super Fruit”  (RRP 65p per tea bag) (£11.45 for 50 and £3.99 for 15 on


I am a massive fan of fruity teas, so these were the most appealing ones, the other two were more sweet, I think one was a chocolate one and the thought of chocolate tea makes me feel a little queasy I am not going to lie. I have had tea pigs tea before and I really like it this one has used fuit pieces and flavours the tea nicely it is favourable but not overpowering. I don’t know if I would buy them over my usual tea (I get Whittards)  but it was nice.


Raw Skincare Natural Lip Balm in “Rescue me” (RRP £1.98)


I love this product, I am obsessed with it. I will definitely buy this again. I don’t like flavoured lip balms, this one isn’t flavoured or scented but it is super nourishing and my lips don’t feel undernourished like I find with some lip balms.

Go Stationary Notebook Set in “Meadow Bird” (RRP £5.00)



These are super cute and for someone like me who always needs to write lists and make notes on things and they are small and fit into all of my bags even the smaller ones I own.

Lord and Berry Smudge Proof in “Sand” (RRP £8.50)




I love Lord and Berry products, I got the black eyeliner in my first Birchbox and fell in love with it, I am excited to try this product, and I am hoping it will last as well as the previous Lord and Berry products I have used. The colour is a lovely shade of brown, which I don’t tend to use so I am intrigued about how it will look. I will do a full review when I have used it.

Nail Girls in “Nude Pink” (RRP £13.50)


This is the other product I haven’t tried. I am no a massive fan of pink nail varnish and tend to go for pale pinks if at all but I am going to give it a try and see how long it lasts. However as pink nail varnish goes it is a nice colour. I don’t know if I would call it “nude pink” but hey.


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