N is for Nostalgia …

I am one of those people who actually enjoy being nostalgic, Buzzfeed is one of the best sites to remind you of your youth (that makes me sound about 60 I am not I am only 22), there is something nice and special about remembering those little things that made up your childhood, TV shows, music, toys, fashion etc. I typed nostalgia into tumblr and a gif for Tales from the Cryptkeeper which I loved as a kid and squealed a little bit in delight. I find rediscovering things like that have the ability to make anyone smile. There is nothing wrong with remembering the past as long as we don’t live there. So I am going to give you a list of 10 things that make me feel all nostalgic. (X)


I was such a cute child … what happened ????

1. Fashion; there was so many wrong things about the fashion choices I had when I was younger ; I would say jellies but they have come back in style and I am tempted to embrace that (I regret nothing). Do you remember hair wraps, toe rings, net tops, sequined baby doll tops with your mini skirt? This  link from Buzzfeed has some forgotten gems (X)

2. WKD and Bacardi Breezers, two of the worst drinks in the world but when your young and naive they are awesome.

3.  Food … Ice Gems, Hubba Bubba, Turkey Twizzlers, Fruit Winders, Calypso and Penny Sweets. Pure sugary and unnatural bliss (X)

4. TV Shows … CARTOON NETWORK  enough said.

5. MySpace and Piczo; our first steps into the world of social media

6. Lime Wire

7. Mix CD’s/ Tapes

8. Films; Clueless to The Craft

9. MSN; the hardest decision was what your username and status thingy said that day and how to subtly tell your crush you were rushing

10. Nokia 3310; my first ever phone. I remember having to find phone cases to make it look more girly.

Source: texomarocks.com


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