Inspirational Half Hour #32


This is definitely easier said (well written in this case) but it is actually a very wise thing to do, it will give you a greater perspective on situations because as hard or horrid a situation can be if you find an element of good in it then I find it definitely helps you accept and move on from the bad. I am a cynical person naturally and that can sometimes affect my outlook on things but trying to see the good in people, situations and events has definitely made me become a more open and loving person. It has helped me take some risks that I wouldn’t generally do and the confidence and determination to pursue the things that I want to in life and that it something that I never want to give up.

P.S … sorry this is late, I was in bed with a horrible cold my brother bought back uni germs and my immune system is low but I have been taking vitamins and will get back on top of this blog. Thank you for your support xxxx


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