O is for Obsession …

When I say obsession I don’t mean crazy, stalking, scary obsession. I mean we all have something we are obsessed with whether it be a band, TV show, film, beauty product or collecting things. Obsession to the point of crazy is never healthy but I feel that being passionate about something is a very healthy thing, it proves that you care and are driven by something even if that thing is Kit Harrington’s perfect curls (can you guess I have a little bit of a problem). I am going to share with you some of my “obsessions”

TV Show … Game of Thrones

Source: chicagonow.com

I have always loved Game of Thrones and spent many a night marathoning the first two series while I was at university, and the fourth season has just finished which has made me very sad but OMG, so many feels. So I have been on Buzzfeed and Buzzsugar shamelessly reading all the Game of Thrones articles. I have also planned on actually finishing the book series and not just reading the summary online and watching the tv show (I know as a book person this is bad but  … hot men … don’t judge me) and I also bought a Valar Morghulis phone case (X) because a. I can b. Jaqen H’gar and c.Arya Stark (because Maisie Williams is awesome and Arya is badass)  and d. I needed a new phone case.

Song … All of Me by John Legend

I love this song, I have it on repeat for days on end and am still not sick of it which is not any mean feat. I also have John Legend’s new album which I love. This song is just so beautiful and so is the video. I always go through phases of loving a certain song but this song is definitely going to be a favourite for a long time.

Person … Kit Harrington and Chrissy Teigan

Source: fanpop.com

I have mentioned Kit Harrington a lot lately … but hello he’s gorgeous and is not bad at playing broody bastards either. He is also a very good actor despite my objectifying of him, but he has stubble and curls and abs and a leather jacket.

Source: modelina.com

Chrissy  Teigan is hilarious, she has an awesome sense of style which I adore, she’s married to John Legend and she has a brilliant Instagram account. I love her fashion sense and  love seeing what she is going to wear or post and her dogs are super cute.

Collecting … Books 

Source: winnerarticles.com

This one should come to a surprise to no one and if it does … how ???? I am a book lover, I have loads, my book-case is crammed, I have a book-case, a shelf, a shelf in my wardrobe and a box filled to the brim with books I have about 200 or so. There is something so welcoming to me about having physical books and I love them all and I hold onto them dearly (this is why I have so many I don’t like giving them away) but I do actually like the majority of the things I read and will re-read a lot of my books (once I have gotten through my TBR pile). That being said, I don’t know if my dad prefers that I collect books or shoes (I have a lot of those as well).


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