What Sunday is actually for …

I have been ill today. So that means I did not got to work. It is very rare that I get a day of work I either have it off because I am going out of the country or because I have a special occasion (birthday, anniversary etc) so I am never at home to relax so this is a strange concpet to me. I have literally spent all day in bed bar the hour or so I spent in bath. I plan on watching more of my box set and light some lavender candles to relax me later and get a slightly earlier than usual night. So despite my lay in and mid day nap how did I spend my day ???

1. Boxset binging …

I am currently watching Copper on Amazon Instant Prime (I am not insanely impressed with this service out of this and Netflix I would probably go with Netflix but I have been wanting to watch this show for ages so I am going to binge this and see if there is another series I want to binge before I cancel my subscription (I refuse to pay £79 for the whole Prime package even I don’t spend that much money on postage)

photo (1)

2. Redoing your manicure …

By sunday my manicure always needs redoing I tend to take my nail varnish off on saturday and give my nails a day or so to breathe before my next coat and I tend to do this while I am binging my boxset of the week. If you were wondering today I used Maybelline Forver Strong Pro in “midnight red” (X)

photo 1

3. Bath time …

I have had a horrid weekend, (I am not going to go into it) and I borrowed a bath (we don’t have one) from my Nana and spent some time relaxing in a bubble bath with a glass of red, a face mask and Sam Smith crooning in the background. I didn’t take a pic of me in the bath (hello nude) but this is pretty much all I did.

Source: pinterest

4. Sweet treats  …

The last of the big spenders as I am I bought myself some Angel Delight …. I love it it is easy to make and yummy which is the most important thing. Sunday is always the day I “cheat” I try to eat better during the week but as I have been so busy as of late I haven’t really been eating well. I am going to try and eat more healthy and do more exercise on the build up to my holiday but I really do not see that happening.

photo 2

5. Aimless internet scrolling …

I am a massive lover of aimless internet scrolling, I am a massive fangirl so I am always reading articles and posts about my favourite shows, books and films. Tumblr, Pinterest and Buzzfeed are my favourite sites to scroll though and also catching up on my blog reading as well.

Screen shot 2014-07-06 at 20.22.05


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