Holiday Haul …

I am going on holiday in 10 days so I will be doing a series of travel related posts in honour of that. I am only going to The Canary Islands, but I can not wait for the sun, the pool and the cocktails (priorities right?). I didn’t want to buy to many new things, especially dresses because I have plenty to wear already. However I did need to replace a few items regardless of how much I didn’t want to spend because unfortunately it is the time of the year I generally need to replace most of my make up.

bag 2

Small Aztec Pouch Bag – Primark £4.00. This is perfect for the evening, I can fit my purse, phone, camera and sunnies in there and it is my style and the perfect size.


Grey Handbag – H&M £24.99 (Similar). Surprisingly enough I don’t have that many handbags that are large enough to be a carry on, especially my Jasper Conran bag because as much as I love it its not really big enough. This one is spacious (can’t fit my neck pillow in it, but I am negotiating with my brother to carry it.  It’s smart and I will be able to use it after my hols as well especially when travelling back and forth to London.


Bikini Top – George at Asda £4 (X), Bottoms – Primark £1. The bottoms were in the sale in Primark so I don’t think they are available anymore but you may still be able to get the top.


Water Bottle – Debenhams £5 (X). I like to have a bottle of water with me when I am around the pool it is important to  keep hydrated and this way I can fill it up from the large bottle my parents buy and keep it in the fridge overnight and it has a small freezing compartment to keep it cool.


Leggings – George £8.00 (X), I have a four hour flight; and while that isn’t super long I want to be comfortable while I am stuck in a plane chair. As long as my butt is covered by my top I have no problem wearing leggings in public. I got these blue look leggings so they look kind of like jeans (jeggings or denim look leggings are a great alternative than sweats are more comfy than jeans).

maxi dress

Backless Dress – ASOS £25.00 (X). I bought I backless dress from Forever 21 (See it on this post) and as much as I liked it I felt really exposed, as it was short and had a circle skirt. This one is perfect, its backless but it has a high neck and it a maxi dress. I actually saw it in a Londoner (X) post and loved it and it will be perfect for the summer and its smart and sophisticated enough.

neck pillow

Neck Pillow – Amazon £3.29 (X), I like to nap but I hate to get a sore neck so I caved and bought a micro bead cushion however this is a bit of a problem as it takes up so much bloody space.


Shorts – George £12.00 (I think). I needed new shorts, I love my denim shorts, they are versatile and comfy.

travel adaptor

Adaptors – Poundland £1 (X).

travel bottles

Travel Bottles (X).


Phone Tripod – Amazon £2.99. OOTD posts will be coming, and this is the easiest way of doing it, I downloaded a timer app and this way I don’t have to find a mirror like last year because I didn’t have one in my room.

wash bag

wash bag unwrapped

Wash Bag – Primark £4.00. This thing may look small but I can fit so much in this thing, I completely cut down all my stuff into my travel bottles and packed them neatly into one compartment as well as my jewellery. Its compact which is perfect.

white tank

White Tank – Primark £4.00. These tanks are so comfy and they are long so they fall over my bum, they are kind of see threw and that is why I also bought a grey one to wear on the plane with a crop top underneath.


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