Summer Reads …

Summer is one of the best times to get ahead with your reading list, going away to laze by  the pool like me there is no better time to immerse yourself in a good book. I love to read and have a slight problem and if you regularly read my blog you will know that (I regret nothing) and sitting around the pool while reading a good book is one of my favourite things to do to relax. This summer they’re have been some great releases, and I will tell you some of those soon but I also have a few tips for choosing your book if you have no idea.


1. Don’t choose a sad read – no-one wants be balling their eyes out on the beach. 

Pretty self explanatory, I was considering A Fault in Our Stars … but No.

2. I always use the summer to read a classic or something your don’t usually read.

It can be a modern classic; last year I read On The Road by Jack Kerouac. I also tend to go for biographies or poetry; Love and Misunderstanding by Lang Leav is good. I however want to go for something by Charles Bukowski (bit darker that Leav) this year.

3. Choose at least one light and fluffy book when you go away.

I tend to choose a chick lit because is doesn’t fit in my usual reading style. Katie Fforde has a wide range of books that are quick and easy to read and I have enjoyed all but one of the her books that I have read of her books but at that point I had read like 3 in a row so maybe I had gone a little overboard.

4. Think about the size of the book. 

If you want to bring a thick book or even a hardback (try and avoid those, does anyone remember lugging Harry Potter 4-7 on holiday with them), go ahead but think about the room it will take up in your hand luggage or weight in your suitcase. I am going to take the third ASOIF books withe me but its paperback so its not too bad.

5. Choose something you will ENJOY !!! 

Don’t bow to peer pressure when it comes to the books you want to read, Chick Lit to High Fantasy if you want to read it go for it. I am a massive fan of YA (I’m 22 so I can just about get away with it)

Recommendations …

1. We Were Liar By E Lockhart (X)

2. The Lemon Grove by Helen Walsh (X)

3. Landlines by Rainbow Rowell (X)

4. Mrs Hemminway by Naomi Wood (X)

5. Bittersweet by Miranda Beverly-Whittemore (X)

6. I Said Yes To Everything: A Memoir by Lee Grant (X)

7. DollyBaby By Laura Lane McNeal (X)

8. Blood and Iron by John Sprunk (X)

9. To All the Boys I Have Loved Before by Jenny Han (X)

10. Half a King by Joe Abercrombie (X)

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What am I taking on Holiday …

how they met


lemon grove



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