S is for Summer …

As much as I prefer the colder months, I do love the summer. I love being able to wear a dress, or watch the sunset, or go out with my friends. I love a lot of things about summer … the heat not so much. I don’t do well in heat unless I go abroad.

Trips… I am one of those people that love taking a trip abroad in the summer, I love just lazing around the pool, sipping cocktails and just forgetting about all my troubles at home. I know I am lucky that my parents have always taken me away. That being said I also love taking trips even if it is just up to London, take me to a gallery or museum or something interesting to do and I am a happy camper. I do desperately want to go to Harry Potter World this summer though.

Source: tumblr.com

Storms… I love thunderstorms in general I find them really soothing and calming, I can sit on the back porch and watch one for hours with a cup of tea. Storms in the summer are the best because its actually warm enough to sit out and watch it.

Source: lovethispic.com

Clothes … I love wearing summer dresses, I tend to layer dresses with thick tights in winter but I have some flowy chiffon dresses and skirts in the summer as I tend to stick to jeans and leggings in the winter because I am lazy. However I have quite a bohemian style and in the summer I get to express that better. Here is my Pinterest “Summer Wardrobe” Board.


Cocktails … There is just something so much nicer about sipping cocktails at the beach rather that in the winter. So I always treat myself to a cocktail during the summer months.

Source: tumblr.com



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