Travel Tips …

When you travel you don’t need to carry around everything you own, that it just counter productive. I find the better you plan, the easier it is to pack and do it quickly and efficiently. That’s the key right ? This Buzzfeed “21 Travel Accessories That Will Make Travelling Easier”  has some awesome travel tips that I haven’t included.

1. Slide thin necklaces through straws.

I hate tangled necklaces and this is the perfect way to keep them neat and tidy, another way is pill boxes or wrapping them in cling film.


2. Roll Your Clothes.

This is a trick a air hostess taught me (its how they fit a lot of stuff in their tiny suitcases) rolling your clothes makes more space and it lessens the amount of wrinkles in your clothes when you unpack. Put shoes around the edge (I recommend placing them in plastic bags), heaviest clothes on the bottom and lightest on top and the final thing you should need to pack is your wash bag.

Source: Pinterest

3. Use a piece of cardboard or buttons to hold earrings.

This is the most convenient way of transporting earrings, I wear studs but you can hook earrings on as well if they are dangly ones.


4. Cotton pads in make up compacts so they don’t break.


5. Place a small square of plastic wrap over bottle openings.


6. Packing cubes or Pouches.

I am a massive fan of these things, they make keeping things tidy so much easier. I tend to use them in my hand luggage (bag organisers work as well) as I pack a change of clothes in there just in case (well shorts and some underpants). I also have one for my camera, my important stuff (passport, travel insurance, headphones) that is easy to reach and doesn’t mean I am digging through my bag for 10 minutes.


7. Dryer Sheet = Fresh Clothes.


8. Lists.

I know not everyone likes lists but they are the best things to write when you are packing, you write everything (I mean everything) you are taking with you and tick it off as you pack to go and again when you leave (this way you will know if you have forgotten anything).

9. Contact containers, travel bottles and sharing.

Decanting your products is your best friend, you don’t need to take massive bottles with you and buying lots of travel size products is just counter productive, as you can keep the travel bottles (you can do this with travel size products as well as just top them up) contact containers work as well for make up products. My other thing is sharing; if I am going with friends or family I will take a full size bottle and share with someone else (I’ll take shampoo and they’ll take conditioner).


10. Always do some research about the area you are going to, find out about tipping, bus fares, call and text fees things like that.




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