Inspirational Half Hour #37


Some people have certain expectations of you and they expect you to get there a certain way, the important thing to remember that you need not live up to anyones expectations but your own. How you get there is up to you. The places people don’t expect you to grow are the places that will allow you to grow the most.


One thought on “Inspirational Half Hour #37

  1. Steph Carfrae says:

    It is useless to have negative expectations of anything. Some things won’t work out and there’s no way a positive expectation will change that but give it a go because if you go into a situation with positive expectations you might just find that a positive result will come. Don’t let other people rule you. You are your own person. They can merely suggest things but can’t force you to do anything. Expectations are a tricky thing. But remember, you don’t have to answer anyone’s but your own. You’re the one who has to sleep at night happy with what has passed. xx

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