Inspirational Half Hour #38




I’m going to apologise now I am writing this on my phone as I’m on the way back from an interview for a writer for a website (I got it and I start in two weeks). I’m not trying to brag but things are really looking up for me right now and it’s making me feel really positive and happy about my life. This internship could really help me with my career and my relationships are looking good too. It’s made me realise how important that bit of positivity is to people . This is kind of what today’s post is all about that random and small act of kindness that can truly brighten someone else’s day be it a smile or a thank you or giving some change to a busker or what not maybe it’s just helping your mum do the laundry or cooking dinner instead of your partner, it can really brighten up the worst of days because it shows that you care or that the world isn’t so bad.


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