Lanzerote 2014

As I previously mentioned I went on holiday, a couple of weeks ago at the end of July and these last couple of weeks have been crazy for me, amazing but crazy and I haven’t had time to think about even putting my pictures on my laptop to sift through but I am finally getting round to it. I went to Playa Blanca with my parents and brother as this will be our last holiday all together as a family. I have an amazing tan by the way which I am super happy about because I usually look too pale.


This was one of those laze by the pool and eat holiays and I am surprised I didnt put on like 20 lbs from all the wonderful food we had out there. We stayed at Pubelo Marina (lovely place over 16’s only so no screaming children) which is on the Marina Rubicon and about a 10-15 minutes walk into the town.

Source: (one thing I forgot to snap)


The place is wonderful, the beach isn’t that far; I stayed round the pool on these amazing loungers that were so comfy it was hard not to fall asleep on them. I can honestly say I didn’t do a lot on this holiday apart from trying to get a tan.


The weather wasn’t amazing, it was a little cloudy the first couple of days and it rained on the day we arrived the cloud was a nice reprieve from the unrelenting sun. It was a little cold in the evening sometimes but I still came home with a lovely colour so I don’t really have all that much to complain about.




Spending some quality time with my parents and brother was great as well, even if my brother talks out of is backside sometimes, but I do love them and we had a great time.





You been anywhere exotic this year or got anything planned ?

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