Designed to Love by Elle Davis Book Review

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Blurb: Ronan Callahan isn’t your average teenager. He was genetically engineered before birth resulting in designer looks, enhanced intellect and supernatural abilities and an uncanny ability to know exactly what he wants. When he asks Cat to marry him , he is confident that they are destined to be together forever and rejects  all counsel insulting otherwise. for the first time  in his life he feels a sense of purpose and after his parents death, he teams up other genetically engineered young Designers to work on dangerous undercover missions for the U.S government; a lifestyle much more befitting of his designer character. 

When a deadly flying accident tuns his life upside down, Ronan finds himself struggling to accept the prospect of a life without Cat, while honouring promises to protect and take care of “gifted” six year old sister Claire. A string of seemingly unconnected personal tradgies all collide in the second of “The Designer Chronicles” and the family of Designers are driven to daring acts as they work around the clock to dave the lives of those they thought dead and buried. 

I was kindly gifted this copy of Designed for Love by Elle Davis in exchange for a free review. Designed for Love is the second book in The Designer Chronicles series. The first book in Designed for Perfection, see my review here.

I have mixed feelings about this book, I still like the premise of the story but I didn’t get into this book as much as the first one if I am being honest. The first half of the book really put me off and I am not going to lie I did put off reading it for a while until I decided to suck it up and finish it. It was hard to get into and I didn’t enjoy it but I understand that it was needed to set up the rest of the story but at times it seemed unnecessary.

The romance did remind me a little bit of a rehash of the Twilight romance between Edward and Bella, especially the getting married at 17 but I like the sciencey bit about the soul mates. There is this emphasis on their need to sleep with each other, I am not really sure why it is mentioned it has not affect on the plot of the story. Yeah they are horny teenagers thats great for them but I don’t care

The second half of the book was definitely better and I liked the twists with Cat and Lawrence. The villan is revealed in this book (well kind of) which was interesting. I like how he is not a super evil mastermind he is human and there is nothing unrealistic about him despite the other supernatural elements of he book

I kind of feel that this book was  bit of a filler book for the rest of the series. I like novels to have a semi closed ending and this one didn’t have that even if there will be another book in the series. I am interested to see where this series goes and I am hoping that their will be more action involving the Designers in the next novel.

Verdict: 3.5 Stars

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