Septmeber Birchbox Review




I am sorry this is late, for some reason my computer hates me and keeps deleting the stuff I am writing. In my defence I ordered this right at the end of September because I received a free How About Them Apples? The Balm Cosmetics palette. I was pleasntly surprised by the content of the box. So things are looking good.



Happy Days Photo Clip, I haven’t seen one of these in ages. I used to have them loads as a kids. If I had a proper desk I would probably put it up there but I will probably put it on my desk at home once I tidy up a bit.



Korres Citrus Showergel – £8 for 250ml 

I love the scent of this showergel, its quite a musky deep scent that if you prefer lighter fruity scents may be a bit manly for you. It builds a nice lather so you don’t have to use too much and it doesn’t dry out my skin so thats a bonus. If I was going to get an expensive shower gel I would proably get this.



Beauty Blender and Beauty Cleanser Soild- £26

I missed out on this last time so this was the main reason I got the box, I have yet to try it out but it smells like lavender and I like that.



Benefit It’s Potent Eye Cream – £25.50 for 15ml 

I have a love hate relationship with Benefit products, usually their make up but this surprised me it works well and someone who gets dark circles because of medical reasons this was pretty good and making  them seem lighter. It also doesn’t have a harsh smell it doesn’t really smell at all which I like.



ModelCo Power Lash Mascara – £24 for full size 

I don’t think I like this product. I wore it to work on Sunday and I had to take off my makeup half way through the day because my eyes hurt so much. I am pretty sure it was because of this mascara.



Agave Healing Oil Treatment – £16 for 60ml 

I love any kind of oil treatment for my hair, it made it soft smooth and non frizzy. Thumbs Up




Urban Fruit in Magnificent Mango – £2.20 each or £13.6o for 6 

I don’t like mango at the best of times and dried fruit is not something I enjoy so not for me

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