October Birchbox Review


This months box is in association with Coppafeel, which is a breast cancer charity. So everything in PINK! Not my favourite colour but alas I am pretty happy with this months selection.


Lipstick Pen £2.50

I don’t like novelty pens but its not that bad and it works. Its blue as well which I don’t tend to use. Im sure I will through it in my bag and use it at some point.


Lollipops Nail Lacquer £7

I put this on my toes and I like the colour I like a lot. I am always a fan of a red nail and it seems to be holding out well so far I’m impressed


Shaveworks The Cool Fix £11

I haven’t tried this but I do sometimes suffer from razor burn on my legs if I am in a rush when I shave so  next time it happens I am keen to see if this will work.

I did try this after writing the first sentence. It is very good, the only problem with it is the cap. It is really hard to get out and they kind of all comes out at once and you never need that much product.


KMZ California TAME FRIZZ Taming Creme £15

I love this Creme it works wonders for my hair especially after I take it out my hair when I get back to work.


Pixi by Petra Shea Butter Lip Balm £8

This is one of the best lip balms I have tried and it almost matches my lip tone to perfection so I can wear it with just about everything.


Cartier Pink Clay Face Mask x2 £4.25

 I did try this product. I liked it my skin is nice and soft which it wasn’t when I got home from work. The scent is intresting and so is the colour it kind of reminds me of my dentist’s toothpaste. It did make my nose itch like hell though which I wasn’t fun.


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