Why are we so obsessed with the man bun!

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Photo: Elite Daily

David Beckham had a man bun back in the day, but he also had blonde highlights so maybe that is why his man bun didn’t take of so much. Well it is back with a vengeance with a number of hipster and celebrity fans alike. Man buns, mun, top knot whatever you want to call it men are embracing it.

We can probably blame (I use blame in the loosest sense of the word) Harry Styles for the encouragement of the man bun.  Some of the sexiest men on the planet are embracing the man bun, Game of Thrones Kit Harrington and Jason Momoa and Thor himself Chris Hemsworth. What’s not to like?

Photo: Tumblr

According to NY Mag the man bun can say a lot about the man, there is the “I enjoy motorcycles and leather,” bun the “I enjoy empty pickup lines and meaningless sex,” as well as “I enjoy tears and dolphins,” the “I enjoy bespoke suits and limited-edition sneakers,” and the “I enjoy barefoot dancing at Burning Man” bun.  Who knew the topknot could be say so much and be so versatile?

The question now is if the man bun should be messy chic or styled to perfection. I know from years of ballet as a child that wearing a tight pulled back bun is the worst thing in the world so I am all up for the messy bun. The braid is also one step to far I fear. What do you prefer?

How to man bun?

Step 1: Work a styling cream through wet or dry hair to tame flyaways.

Step 2: Rake the hair back and up with your fingers. This will keep it from looking like a ballerina bun.

Step 3: Twist the hair into a rope and roll it into a circle at the crown.

Step 4: Wrap an elastic around the bun a few times to secure it in place.

Top 5 Man Buns

1.    Ryan Hurst on Sons of Anarchy

Photo: SOA

2.    Matty Corby

Photo: Pinterest

3.    Chris Hemsworth

Photo: View the Vibe

4. Pablo Osvaldo


Photo: Pinterest

5. Ben Dahlhaus

Photo: Ezra Sam

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